Sunday, August 3, 2008

Coco Sparkle! 5 Must haves for Fall wardrobe

I have always hated shopping.

I dislike shopping even more when I have to shop to get dressed before going out anywhere. I can never decide what to wear and what will look right on me.

When I entered the Coco Mother's world, I learned quickly what was acceptable (the right jeans for instance) and what was not (sweats). For someone who hated shopping and picking clothes...this was a nightmare.

That was until I made my life as simple as possible. Pick the basics. Keep clothing manageable. Stay simple.

Here is what I have learned over the past few years...

Every Coco Mother will have these 5 things included in her fall wardrobe..

1. The perfect jeans... yes, the Coco Mother will have probably more pairs of jeans than anything else but there will one perfect pair that always makes her feel tall and slim!

Ralph Lauren Black Label Bishop Sleeve Blouse.

2. The white shirt... now we have talked about this before... but a white shirt is always a part of the Coco Mother's wardrobe... this shirt might change a bit with the trends but count on this being one of the hardest working pieces of the Coco Mother's closet.

3. The blazer/jacket...although the Coco Mother will usually have an assortment...she usually will use 1 or 2 constantly revamping its look with different stylish touches.

Splendid Light Jersey V...

4. The tee shirt... yes there will be fun embellished tees in the Coco Mother's closet... but if she is truly tasteful you will find she has the absolute perfect solid color tee shirt in black, and in white..this tee will go under jackets, sweaters, ironed on it's own... and fit ideally not too snug to expose areas of her body which are "works in progress" but not so loose it will resemble a tent. It is more likely to be a "V" neck (as they are usually the most attractive) but might also be crew.

Alice + Olivia Wide Waistband Pants

5. Black may be a cool boot cut black denim, perfectly draping crepe, or the classic wool. The Coco Mother is a classic and she will have the one pair of ideal black pants.

What about the little black dress? What about the sweater set? What about the capris, shorts, etc? Active wear? And WHERE ARE THE SHOES!???

Yes, there are many pieces I did not include. Rather, I am presenting a skeleton upon which to build the body of clothing you will be seen in daily. Take it for what its worth.

But see if I am wrong.. I think I have this one down...


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