Monday, August 25, 2008

Coco Sparkle! My comfy jeans...

It was an awesome beginning to the school year...

I finally got back into my favorite pair of jeans!!! No, not the impressive, " I can't believe how thin she is"... or the "wow, you are taller than I thought!" jeans still hanging patiently in my closet... I did say "awesome"not "perfect" beginning of the school year!

You know the jeans I mean... for some it is Joe Jeans, a few it is Paige or even if you have the right figure... 7's... no, my favorite, most comfortable "look for any excuse to wear them jeans" is my size 6 (did I mention I am down to my size 6 stuff!!! I did mention "awesome", right?!) pair of the softest most comfortable weekend jeans I have... my Lucky Sweet Dreams!

Under extreme stress over the last week due to school starting and ... negotiating a profitable deal...I have been neglecting my particularly healthy eating habits..amazingly this resulted in leaving me with only 3 more former baby pounds to drop!!!

Today my comfy Lucky's ... a jean that is both flattering, not outrageously expensive despite it's attractiveness and sooo soft!!!...

Tomorrow... hmmm... I am thinking Genetic Jeans?!

The possibilities are endless... After all in the Coco World.. if there are upscale neighborhoods with moms... there will be well fitting dark wash jeans.